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I want to release a short video about my map (stil greybox), any tips to get players interested?

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I am making a map (soon I will post it or update the old thread :D) and I want to make a video which would make more people interested in this project and help me gather enough high ranked playtesters to do comp testings. So I wanted to ask, to what should I concentrate if my map is in greybox stage (Has different shades of grey, looks clean with some small colour textures to give a better feeling). The length of the video I am planning to do is appr. 5 minutes.

Should I start from showing my map and then talk or should I introduce myself, from where i got the inspiration (do almost like a build-up) and only after that show my level?

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To be brutally honest, everybody has a greybox (or two, or three, or ten) that they want high ranked testers to run around in and tell them whether or not it's worth anything. You'd be better off starting a WIP thread on these forums and booking a playtest here (I'm pretty sure we have some reasonable ranks among us, myself excluded!) using this thread. If your layout's any good you'll get really good quality feedback to work with, then eventually you'll be able to move on to the visuals which you can use to hook other players in.

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The most important thing for me during the greybox stage is to get the scale and atmosphere right. Don't just work with bare random brushes. Get some logic into why that building is there and built that way. Another key thing to focus on at this time is the complexity of the layout. You know the saying, less is more. This is just a personal preference, but I try to make my layouts as simple as possible. Focus on this before spending time and resources into producing a lengthy video about your level. If you do make a video, don't go over 2 minutes; try to keep it under 1:30.

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I agree on both! A video is not nessecary. Just make a topic here, post screenshots, a map overview and a link of the workshop so we can walk through.

Make sure the greybox is 'complete'. That means the rough timing in the map is about right, bombspots have tactical cover spots, stairs and such are clipped for a smooth walk, bombspot and navigation tags are there and a radar. Ask a friend to help you test the timings and some angles and boosts and etc.

Here you will recieve the feedback you need to make the map ready to be playtested. If u want to test it 5vs5 I suggest to contact TopHattWaffle or organise a playtest your self.

Anyway why not making a video? Your greybox will be changed many times before its 'perfect', so it will be kinda for nothing. Also there is a big chance it wont attract players in this early state. Not many greyboxes do unless they are really well made (then u could ask Reddit to playtest it. It will be tested by alot of players at the same time). So yea step by step u will get there but it's a long way :D


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