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it's a really nice technical layout

you should focus the areas on around the bombsite if you're going to keep working on this, the objectives are at the edges of the map regardless of which routes you take onto the sites and the bombsites are going to be sided(overly safe) if you don't give and take on a per segment basis

its like it gets worse if you start missing and there's no way back into a round besides getting a kill on the other side of the map because.

appreciate how many mistakes a terrorist gets to make compared to a counter terrorist, its a huge disparity that can't always be solved with cover and utility usage.




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try flipping the ct and t spawns and see how you feel about it

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Played 20 rounds or so with bots, the layout seems pretty solid, and the scale seems good for a competitive match to me, though it does feel on the small side. It's cool that half of middle is a pit players have to travel around, helps reinforce the theme of the map. The setting feels very fresh to me, I like the direction you're taking with the visuals.


This could be a viable safe plant spot, though I do assume it's not plantable as it might be too powerful:


The clipping here feels a little obtrusive, I really thought I'd be able to get over there. It could be more obvious it's not traversable, or you could make let players get up on the roof, which could also be interesting:


This route seems like a somewhat drastic turn and felt a little awkward. Perhaps it could be shifted to flow better? Not a big deal but something to consider:


These are all very minor gripes, I enjoyed the map, I look forward to seeing it done. ;)

I do recommend you submit it for playtesting on Mapcore before finalizing it though.




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v7 Public Update



Removed T side window replaced with better cover in mid, and a more streamline path, see below.




CT side mid cover changed along with mid2A


Mid 2 B has new path to a crouch hole into B site window.


Ts get safe passage into upper A. Added fence for protections against fast pushes, flower pot turns fence into cover to deter aggression from CT.


B site window moved, cover added.


A site main route modified, cubby added in place of old upper A door.


A site now has better places for CTs to fight on site.


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31 minutes ago, cashed said:

Very nice. Was the Division a key reference?

I've gotten that question a few times. The original inspiration came from binge watching Netflix's Daredevil season 2. So since day 1 I've been basing things off of Hell's Kitchen in New York. That was the biggest reference for a long time in the development cycle. Wasn't till right before Christmas I finally got around to playing Division with some friends. I will say my friends were highly annoyed when I constantly wanted to explore every rooftop. I'd be lying if I said Division wasn't at least a small reference at this point, but I've been trying to not be a Division clone. I hope the vibe I am going for, and the things I want to accomplish with de_rooftop, help it be it's own thing.. Really though since we are drawing from the same inspiration this can become very hard at times. So...

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