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My level for the contest, Butera, is inspired by the DoD 1.3 map, Saints. Similar to what NWI did to Ramelle from classic DoD, I've taken the road layout and routes from Saints and I plan on making the scenery similar to the small Sicilian village of Butera.

The level will be made for Liberation mode at the very least, but I plan on it supporting all modes.

The level progress is still in early block out stages as I'm still devising methods of extending the level on each side.





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Great block-out so far. The overall map looks rather dark on my end, So i'm assuming you might intend on a dusk time setting. This would be very nice, however this will make it hard to distinguish players from the 'back drop'. If you are set on this time setting, then by all means keep at it, As you progress im sure you'll come up with lighting techniques that will help overall.

I especially love bridges within WW2 maps. Adds some interesting battles overall. Keep them in if possible, in my opinion.

Nice work - Daruth505

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Still working on the map, but working 30+ hours a week is slowing progress quite a bit.

Currently I'm working on finishing roads, sidewalks, interiors and extending the map past the original ends.

I've been drawing up some concepts for level extension while on my breaks, I've yet to choose one though. I'm leaning towards a more open Allies side that is on an incline into the village and having the German side end in a church on a hill.

Also, I've set up Liberation control points, A is located at the Jeep on the American approach, B on the middle bridge, and C at the 222 on the German approach. I feel the map is pretty well balanced at this point, but I've yet to expand into spawns, so we'll have to see.


Overview of the German side of the map. 222 armored car is blocked by the tan building to the middle right.


Overview of the middle and American approach of the map. Note the expanded routes to the bottom of the image. I'm thinking of making a cliff facing the south to bound the map.


Overview of a route on the North side I'm trying to tie into the map, I've yet to connect it properly yet as I'm unsure how far I should go with it.

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Unfortunately it looks as if my submission won't be able to make it in time. Balancing time between a full time job, personal life, recovering from injuries suffered at my job, and this has proven very difficult. This does not mean that the map will be scrapped of course, it is near a playable state, but I'm going to take my time to polish it before placing it on the workshop for all Day of Infamy players to enjoy.

In the meantime, here's a few progress shots.butera0007.jpg

Allied Spawn area, currently in early design phase.


Cafe at the allied approach to the center of the map.


The center of the map.


The Axis side of the map.


The north side of the map.

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