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So here's my attempt for the contest. I hope I can finish it in time Theme It's set in and around the small village of Foy (Belgium), which was part of the Battle of the Bulge.  From wi

New week, new pictures!

I've gone back to the building I showed in the first screenshot and reworked it completely. For those interested, I was inspired heavily by Ferme Hougoumont (from the battle of Waterloo) for th

On 24-9-2016 at 9:49 PM, will2k said:

Being in Belgium, you have access to live reference materials; this is unfair :v

But seriously though, even with this early WIP pic, I can foresee the map turning into great shape and atmosphere based on this single house. It just feels right to look at it :)

Best of luck

Thanks, mate :)

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This map is looking great! The small suburban town overcome by war!

I really like the dark moody feel the map has currently, with the sun just braking through, a sign of hope it feels.

To me it seems like each building so far is enter-able, i really like this element in WW2 maps. This can also make it harder to balance the map overall, but i know you're very skilled overall. I'm sure you'll perfect this project as you go along. I would love too see some broken elements to the map as a whole. Smoke rising up in the distance. 


Anyway, i can't comment on too much at this stage.

Nice one, you got this! - Daruth505

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4 hours ago, zastels said:

Here's a tip, try using the eye dropper tool to sample the skybox colour at the edge where it touches your horizon on top of the buildings, or wherever you see the most horizon. Then use that colour for your fog, and mess around with max density of the fog. Me personally I find with blending disabled, max density .3, no angles used, 400 start 4500 end, that is usually my baseline to start tweaking. 

I know you want a foggy look, and grey is the intuitive colour, but it is more convincing when the colour of the fog blends into the horizon. In real life fog takes on the colour of everything else in the environment due to reflected colours refracting and diffusing into the air.

I didn't pick grey fog because it's intuitive. The current fog color pretty much matches (still have to tweak it a tiny bit) the one of the skybox (see the 2nd pic in this topic). I'm also using far Z Clip Plane, so max density has to be 1 :)


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1 hour ago, zastels said:

No max density does not need to be 1 for you to use Z Clip Plane, you can see that in Aachen. Aachen has some pretty wild sight lines, and if you explore the map with r_lockpvs you can see it is being effectively implemented. 

Aachen is based in a large city where you have large structures that block visibility, so the Z Clip Plane can be used beyond that. If that is not what you mean, then I don't think I know what you're talking about exactly. Please fill me in :) 
For your notice, Foy features some large open terrain.

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