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Marino (Offensive)

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I've done some more layout changes, focused around the middle point and it's connectors, I never started detail on it due to how much I disliked it. Which came in handy for me!

First off I flipped which side the fortress is on in the map, which has changed the view for most of the map and has made the main entrance to the fortress closer to the middle connectors instead of the secondary access point, this should make the fight more focused around the fortifications.

This is my favourite view of the fort, can be found on the run up to the first point


Need to adjust the design of the fortress area to prevent people from making the fortress a sniper spot for the first point, won't be too hard. Will only need to block access or prevent players from being able to abuse the fortress early.


With the mid point being far from acceptable for me, I trashed it and rebuilt it from scratch, taking into consideration the failures of the previous version and the changes to the map that have happened since then.

Here are the failures in the previous design which I've identified.

  • Incredibly flat terrain - making it extremely unfair for attackers that area approaching, the lack of uneven terrain and cover made it too easy for defenders to shoot down the attackers and dominate the match
  • Design favoured the secondary entry point - The main entry point is the road into the fortress, which includes two fortifications to guard the access point, however due to the position of it on the map, it was too far away for players to reasonably use as the secondary entrance was closer and easier to push through due to the lack of places for the enemy to fortify
  • Redundant space - there was no reason at all to run through the main road, the stairs through the tower were more efficient and provided better protection.

So, what's been done?

First, the terrain has been changed significantly, adding a lot of vertical elements, starting off with the fort entrance being placed up on a elevated platform, but to help combat this the attacker side also has a lot of vertical elements with multiple levels of height to work with.



If the attackers take the tower entrance then they are given two platforms to go to and you can drop down to each platform when needed.

the Secondary entrance is now gone for the time being and I will likely work on a secondary entrance, but make it much harder to use and more out of the way to serve as a flanking position.

There is also far less redundant space but still too much, I will work to resolve this problem through the second entry point when I create that again, but I will also add some buildings and other obstructions to provide more cover, which should also make the road path much more practical.

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Latest changes, will make a quick list and leave some images, can't go into detail on these changes for now, in a bit of a rush

Mid point

  • Removed the second access point
  • Removed the platform to the right of the capture zone
  • added a interior to brick house
  • Added cover to the road leading up to mid capture zone
  • Decreased the opening in the defender towers, limiting their view
  • added a roof to the walkway of the fortress entrance
  • Placed a wall and archway on the entrance to the mid combat area
  • Added some props and platforms to allow players to climb to the fort entrance







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Since we got a time extension, I can do what I've wanted to do for the past week.

Scrapping the current map and rebuilding from the ground up again, Not satisfied with this map personally and want to be able to publish something at the end I can take pride in, regardless of if I meet the deadline or miss it.

Since I'm not going to be working on it, if you want to poke about the raw file, go ahead.


Edited by Bastion
Adding download link for abandoned project.

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I've done the same with some of my areas. Sometimes it's better to start fresh than try to improve something that isn't working.

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