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[CS:GO] de_praha

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Very much a work in progress, but this is the map I'm going to try and focus all my attention on until it's good and done. I think it has a lot of potential.


Sorry I haven't taken many screenshots yet but please do let me know if you think there's any problems with it so far.


Gonna try and get it playtested as soon as possible before I start fleshing out all the details.



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Hey! Just wanted to update this thread real quick, asking if anyone has any feedback about the map, as we've just done a playtest.

So far I've got to take into consideration:

  • May be too easy for CTs to flank Ts, at times from strange angles.
  • Direct route to B from CT spawn is unnecessarily windy and indirect.
  • Awkward timings in mid allow CTs to flank Ts from stairwell, can feel strange.
  • No safe plant on bombsite B
  • Apartment windows overlooking A might provide problematic angles.

Cheers for the playtest guys! I'll see if I can make the level flow a little better. Very grateful if anyone has ideas towards that goal.

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Sorry I give feedback based on the overview, too lazy to check it IG atm. 

Does both connectors from midle to the bombsite end up on a pathway which u can also reach without useing the midle?

From midle to B, It seems you end up in a hallway with a door entrance to the bombsite which also can be reached when you take the B main path from T spawn. 

If this is what it is, then I ask myself the question why I would risk to go midle and use the connector, if I can just take a safe path for this additional route? Or you want to give the T's a advantage here and give them more control on midle?


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Oke forget the post aboth, 

First of all I should center the T spawn a litle. The map feld like I always want to go take the midle/B pathway.  Pathway to A seems to far away. 

I like the connector from midle to A, nice additional route with a other angle. Maybe move the connector a litle more to the midle of the bombsite (to CT side of the map) to increase the angle and use of the connector? That way it's more promosing to risk to go through midle. A bombsite seems to be alright. Maybe the litle tower from mid is abit OP for CT? Maybe make it to be a drop or what ever idk, pretty much routes to get in the bombsite right now. 

I should also work on the midle, maybe simplefy it a litle bit and maybe add a larger shooting range? I kinda disliked all the stairs, while I love elevators and difference in height! idk what it is really.. maybe u made things too complicated idk. 

For the B bombsite, I like the main path with the entry to the side of the bombsite. I should get rid of the litle door entrance thing and add the connector from midle to B as a alternative route with much advantage for T's again, so it's worthfull to risk to go through midle. And yea like u mentioned ur self, add cover there ;). And uhm prevent players to be able to plant on the fountain, it looks odd when that happends.

In general I like that both bombsite have different timings. B bombsite could be used for a T rush. Maybe also a thing u can work with to make the bombsites different from eachother is CT timing. Like u make a bombsite where CT and T meet in a few seconds and a bombsite which gives CT more of a advantage or push abbility. Maybe a indoor and outdoor bombsite to make a nice difference. And personally I like it when maps (and bomb targets) have a story. But yea for now gamepla, timings, angles, cover spots are most important I guess!

I hope u can do something with this ;)


EDIT: Well yea maybe this overview helps to understand?


1. Center the T spawn

2. Move connector more to the midle of the bombsite. Maybe connect it with the upper window room u got there, make it more of a balcony? If u do something like I made u should lookout for the angle from the T entrance and a CT standing on it and seeing feets while T dont see CT ;)

3. I should add the pathway abit to the left, center of the site and maybe block the space on the right. This way u have nice views for T when they enter the side. With my idea the connector doesnt really provide a real additional angle besides it's a balcony. Also the shooting range from CT to this entrance will be huge, u could find a way to block the view and lower the shooting range.. 

4. Maybe get rid of spaces like these, they dont really seem of use.

5. Connector from mid to B, lose from B main path. Having a really different angle now, different height, so much advantage for T's if they succeed. 

6. Maybe make of this mid pathway a connector for T's to rotate. Can be cool to keep the windows to mid, so CT can get info. Not sure. 

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