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[UT4] CTF-PaleoPark

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I've been working on a Jurassic Park inspired map, based on the visuals of the first movie, but not an exact copy.

It's a completely functional symmetrically CTF map, but the visuals per side will be completely different.

You can download and test this build if you want, it's from 13 September.


The Unreal forums were not too lively, and I'm looking for some feedback!

Thanks in advance, any tips and remarks are greatly appreciated!


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Awesome! I will give this a go once back in country. Are there any dinosaur assets like a velociraptor in a cage? :-D Dat t-Rex skeleton! Nice!

You might also try posting it to mpforums. They have a server setup that allows test maps be uploaded. I have that last iteration of foundry before finalizing the white box and starting art pass.

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Looks really great! I love how you can see other sections of the map from the outdoor locations. Only thing id say to watch out for is that the sections with the T-rex and flags, make sure those sections flow well, it feels like they could feel a little awkward to move through. (top left & bottom left pics). 

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Thanks Sigma, I don't think there will be real dinosaurs, but I might imply them with sounds and visuals.

I don't think you'll be able to see the rest of the map from the outside, DeM0 :(

The left one will be a parking garage, the one on the right will be a raptor enclosure,

Here it is annotated:


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Hi, it's been a while.

In the meantime, lot's has happened. I lost the whole level due to a failed update, and worked my way back.

All my original mesh files still existed, but the whole Unreal project was gone. But the map is doing great, and it's really starting to come together.

I try to pay attention to both the big and little details. The map is rotationally symmetrical, but the themes are very different. For example, the main wings:ScreenShot00006.JPGScreenShot00008.JPG

The main hall is also symetrical, you can run up the stairs or the dinosaur, doesn't matter.


The carpark/enclosure parts of the level are the hardest, as they are thematically very different. But I feel that I can make any carpark shape work with the jungle theme, so I'll see about it.ScreenShot00009.JPG


Feedback is always welcome!

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1 minute ago, DonCarbon said:

Thanks :)

What do you mean by grass trimming?

Like, surrounding the transition between the ground and the tree prop with some fluff grass so that it sells the transition like a trim

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