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[CSGO] Transition

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On 9/21/2016 at 0:02 AM, Thurnip said:

how much of the textures and shaders are custom, and how much are like, CSGO default? this is a general question about CSGO maps :)

100% of it is custom.

4 hours ago, cashed said:

are you using a custom Color Correction?

Nah, using the shacks cc. Shacks4Life

On 9/20/2016 at 6:55 AM, catfood said:

... first one is the outdoor brightness...

I caught a screenshot of it as the tonemapping was adjusting, rip. It's not that bright outside normally.

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Had a runthrough, like the layout, but i missed some soundscapes and background noises...
Some places seem too bright and bland with the lightning. Found an error with the stairs...see pics.
The rest looked really promising.





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Ive looked at it too. Impressive work guys! I Like the Layout, its an interesting Idea. Besides the obvious clipping bugs and the stuff RA7 said: I think you should widen the door near T-Spawn leading towards the upper site, its going to be a blockfest and makes rushing that route impossible if one of your mates gets stuck. The rotation time for CTs holding the upper site going lower could be too fast (using the elevator drop or the "pipe drop". Last thing which i really didnt like was that long staircase - I get that its a connector and the long stairs should slow down rotations from lower to upper. But its a deathtrap. If you are rotating and the enemy team sees you while doing, you are caught on that thing with no cover. Besides that its way to narrow, resulting in an easy to predict one-dimensioned movement. 

Thats easily one of the most reallistc looking CS:GO Maps ive seen so far - good job!

PS: Reminds me of BF4 :D 

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Well the map looks amazing!! I really love the realistic aspects of this map and all the nice details in it! Layout looks interresting; pretty dynamic and nice abbilities for Terrorist to switch from tactics and also some nice choises CT could make on they way they will defend. I think the rotation times are quite good, also the elivator one. It may be fast, but also really riskfull and you make a lot of noise jumping or climbing down. 

There is one thing that bothers me alot, the fact that both bombsites are almost exact aboth eachother. For an example I plant on the lower bombsite and I heard alot of steps all arround me but there was no enemy nearby, it's really distracting and hard to focus on where the enemy is coming from. Gameplay wise I don't think this was a good idea. Maybe it's my personal opinion, I don't know.. I am one of those guys who hates nuke for an example :D Tho like I said overal the layout and angles seem to be really nice!

For the bombsites, really good angles to attack from for both bombsites, u guys pulled that off real nice. I also like there are not too many hiding spots on the bombsites. Maybe you could add a few cover spots that cover up till the midle of the player. Now when you peak you are fully exposed which is hard for CT when you have to defend alone or with two against 5 enemies. 

Below some screenshots with some minor things:

These diagonal walls all over T spawn are not solid


This building in the background is dissapearing:


This statue has a bad collision:


There is a nodraw here when you go from the Metro tunnel to the bombsite on ur right as a terrorist:


Already said, the staircase is getting blocked by the objects at ur right. No mather if u get blocked or not I should widden this pathway anyway and put that objects with the cables higher:


This angle looking up is abit nasty I think. Also because the fence reduces the vissibility. I should cover it up somehow.


Last thing is this rolling stair, it has no collision so plz a nodraw.


Overall a really amazing job guys!! Oh and a overview would be really nice! 


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Model collisions absolutely pain me in source, it's so unnecessarily complicated. Anyways thanks for the feedback so far boi's. SOme of the mentioned things are fixed, but some of those presented angles will be adjusted. On the cover for the dropdown room, I totally agree. It's something I'd like to see play out some more but I have no issues with reshaping that area. That area structurally gave me a bit of a tough time, I definitely think it could use some additional iteration.

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