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[CSGO] Transition

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Awesome! that's one tight looking map you got there the indoor lighting looks slick and the yellow pipes work really well.
there are only two things were I would like to nitpick on the first one is the outdoor brightness, maybe tone it down a bit atm it looks as if there is something nuclear going on in the city. it also makes some textures washed out like the floor bricks next to the orange markings in the second last screenshot.
and two are the hard edges in the walkway next to the rails (pink line) these would make it hard for the trains to travel along to and It also breaks the flow of the rounded lines you have throughout the tunnel (rail track, cables). Apart from that I think it's a very good looking, clean and vibrant map :D


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17 hours ago, Thurnip said:

how much of the textures and shaders are custom, and how much are like, CSGO default? this is a general question about CSGO maps :)

We don't do much with shaders on the Source engine. They are picked in the material files for a corresponding texture, but most materials that will be applied on level geometry use a "LightMappedGeneric" shader that accepts lightmap data for lighting and shadows. I would guess a pretty big majority of the textures used here are custom. It's pretty typical of "serious" CS:GO maps to use a bunch of custom content.

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