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[CSGO] de_ruby


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3 hours ago, catfood said:

Thank you for the kind words and could you maybe point out this wall(s) where you can't slide along?

That's an engine issue (if he's talking about what i think). Walls which are not in 90° angles on the grid are glitching out when you move along them touching them. Nothing you can do about it. 

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Although I like the new changes you've made simplifying the map, I can't help but miss the old mid, and I wish some more elements of it, like the B catwalk and T window bit were still incorporated in the redesign. Regardless, it is an excellent map, and I hope this one actually makes its way into the active duty at some point.

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Ive removed Ruby from que today, despite how much I wanted to like it there are just so many things going against it. First and for most a problem all community maps seem to be facing are 5 man ques who only play obscure maps (modern day vertiglobals) Since im solo queing im placed in with 4 other solo/duo ques that probably dont know the map. As you imagine this results in lop sided matches where the other team knows all the tricks and my team doesnt even know the layout. This isnt something that can be fixed on a map making basis but is something Valve needs to address by encouraging players to play new maps and maps they dont usually play so community maps dont become cesspools a few weeks into being added to comp.

However I have found issues with the layout, that also make the map unenjoyable from a gameplay point. The first thing that stuck out to me as odd were the amount of high up ledges you can climb onto, they dont particularly feel that fun to play on, and are a night mare to check if your trying to go through areas like mid alone. The tiled roof boost in particular is just annoying since cts can move back and forth and hide on it but still peak while ts cant do anything to counter it accept waste a Molotov to temporarily force them off. Ontop of that you need to get through middle to even get to that path in the first place which really makes going there not worth it.

The door going to A feels very tacked on, you didnt use a breakable door model, on top of that, the model is so old it suffers from texture bugs when shooting it, ive also experienced multiple players not knowing the door was there and think the opening above it was another drop down ledge. A better indication that the door is openable would be nice. The way the door is placed seems pretty off, if a ct is within the rotating distance the door opens up toward the Ts, which blocks their view into the corner.

I feel like the ladders around the map arnt very good for gameplay, the one in t spawn is alright but I feel if it was combined with the boost boxes on the other side it might feel better, the ladder in middle going to the other platform isnt very fun to try and play around, you sometimes cant attach to it and sometimes you get stuck to it when your trying to walk by it, if you replaced it with a boost box it would play better. Like wise the boost boxes for the other platform from t path to a would be better if it was just 2 jumps on a few boxes, the current pile of crates doesnt work well with jumps it seems and I dont think a third jump up from those are necessary considering how easy it is for Ts to defend that entrance.

I cant speak much to how bombsites played, since most of my matches the Ts never got to the bombsite. But from what I did experience, B is very hard to take and very hard to hold from the site, 2 molotovs will flush everyone out from cover into the open. That means people have to hold outside the site, but in any angle you take youll be forced to expose your back to another, which also becomes a problem when you have less then 3 people to cover every angle. A site was very hard to take as well, both a main and the mid to a entrances could be pinned by a single awper at the same time, while the door area was coin toss to see which sides shotgun player got killed first. Retaking as ct is a nightmare because Ts can just run around the boxes and door area to avoid be killed while also preventing cts from defusing.

lastly the map feels very unpolished, everyone ive played with including myself have experienced lag spikes, random error messages pop up in the top left, and at times certain assets seem to blur incorrectly at a distance. Parts of the map feel very dark, which wouldnt normally be a problem but for some reason you chose to use the Anarchists for your T-models, I dont think they fit the maps theme to begin with and blend in fairly easily in all the dark corners on the map. The radar image also doesnt feel like it should be on a finished map, its very jagged and doesnt convey the paths very well.


Its a real disappointment for me because I like everyone of your previous maps as they tend to be really clean, fun and polished but Ruby so far doesnt feel like its one of your best. Im hoping your working on something to address these issues since many of them seem to be common on reddit and the steam forums.

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I don't que this map either and I am usually not particular:

  • The frame rate is poor due to complete ignorance of performance hits caused by props and high res textures all over the place. Areas with little combat are just as detailed as choke points, leading to unnecessary lag. This is pretty much a deal breaker.
  • The layout is not fun to play in scrims due to boring, long rotates and its colossal scale. Reading T attacks is frustratingly difficult due to the vast number of paths they are provided. The map is too complex, even once you understand its layout.
  • There are too many corners and pieces of cover surrounding T chokepoints. CT aggression is hard to perform, making it even more difficult to read T plays.

The mappers priorities seemed to be on art which he nailed beautifully, at the painful cost of performance and layout.

The fact that Valve added this map is not a testament to its layout greatness despite what some seem to be inferring. As an example, they have also readded seaside which is fun but has numerous game breaking boosts and angles and is a fundamentally flawed layout. I think Ruby could have been improved, but since its in Valve's hands now it will likely remain largely unchanged.

Regardless, congrats on the extended release, if one thing is for sure its that you put lots of time and effort and passion into the art and it is probably the best looking outdoor map made for CS.


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7 hours ago, Interfearance said:

... but since its in Valve's hands now it will likely remain largely unchanged.

Not sure what you imply here, but It's not up to Valve to make layout (or other) changes.

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