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Hello Mapcore It's been a while, I've been very busy working on ruby the past couple of months so I thought it was time to re-release a preview of the map to the workshop and give you guys a heads up

Hello! first I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas   and I also want to share with you the progress I've been making on the map the past couple of weeks. Most of the time I worked on the cosmetic p

Hello! Some of you already know but after ~1.5 years in development lots of playtesting and iterations I finally released Ruby on the workshop! The trip to Lisbon I took at the beginning of devel

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@catfood  As a new CS mapper, just from the OV, the map looks like it has too much going on. Then again, could be the noob Hammer in me.


edit: after a bot play test, T spawn seems to force you to A, instead of a quick A, B or Mid option. I like the theme and the textures. There's a couple of brush railings for stairs that are too high, both on A side of map. Far right stairs from T up to A and CT spawn left arch to A. Feels like the map needs to tighten up with less paths. 

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ok, I'm back for round 1

1: most green doors have a weird clip that makes you stuck onto it if you walk along the wall20170513033543_1.thumb.jpg.14190a3dc8327dffa422f8ba342a8541.jpg

2: the the small ledge between the street and the sidewalk have a weird clip. it should instead be a slope imo20170513033555_1.thumb.jpg.6a5c5100256b58c5de84d6483145a3bd.jpg

3: the box (I think its a box) I'm looking at has something invisible above it so you can't jump when on it20170513033615_1.thumb.jpg.12f594902c3357afa27c6a3af49ec6b5.jpg

4: texture glitchhhh 20170513033632_1.thumb.jpg.971d2e593168e45a3589d5482ff6f7af.jpg

5: more odd clips (white door in the second picture)20170513033700_1.thumb.jpg.3788fb2cd89a36921d2c63726052ad73.jpg20170513033714_1.thumb.jpg.3579faaa1584abf8d65437698fff694b.jpg

I should mention this is the best palm tree I've ever seen, except when you're stuck on the right



another clip here, but the wall/railing next to it seems way too high for it to be simply jumped on (maybe crouch jump instead). might be just me.


and there's the 5mb upload limit. 

there's also a plant bed (ima call it that) near a that has a awkward clip similar to the streets.

ps: ill only do a part two if you guys consider it important.


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Thanks for the kind words @Klarkie8, @FMPONE and @grapen :) I appreciate it!

18 hours ago, UNREA1 said:

You definitely did your homework, I'm from Portugal and that already feels like home to me.

That's very nice to hear I hope to do justice to your beatifull country :v

@Hackerman This is very usefull thanks a lot although most clips you pointed out will be fixed during the development progress later on unless they are gamebreaking then i'll try to fix them right away. And i'm glad you like the designer palm tree hehe


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Tulip was one of my favorite Community maps and this map brings me back same feeling,

I liked design of it and since Ruby is not that different i think it will be great.

Make sure it has that Mediterranean feel to it with vibrante colors.


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2 hours ago, catfood said:

Some of you already know but after ~1.5 years in development lots of playtesting and iterations I finally released Ruby on the workshop!

The trip to Lisbon I took at the beginning of development to shoot reference and record audio resulted in the map having:
~100 custom models
~60 custom materials
~100 custom sounds
All based on the Portuguese city.

The size and timings of the map are comparable to maps currently in active duty and the layout with clear land marks and a few unique areas should be easy to learn for every player of every skill level. 
There's also a small MapCore easteregg and the first person to find it gets a picture of a piece of cake!

Once again I want to thank everyone here at MapCore who participated in playtesting or gave feedback during the development. 
And please let me know what you guys think of the end result!






I think this is your strongest work yet. The sparkling ocean effect (sprite?) is really fun. In the past you’ve maybe not had the most realistic style, but you truly made it work here without losing any of your charm. Interested to play it soon!

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