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Harry Edwards

Harry Edwards - Game and Level Design

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Very nice and clean, I love it. Best work right there at the very top.

I didn't realise the links at the top weren't separate pages and took me down the page - it's cool that the header bar stays but did I miss a 'home'/top button? I had to scroll all the way to the top again so not sure why your name was clickable?

I liked the descriptions and list of responsibilities, again very clear. I would make my own video for the F1 game though highlighting your work - in the distant future it will be a great reminder to you of what you did, and if it's on your own channel you won't be reliant on Codemasters in case they take their then-"old" Trailer down. If you did that, I'd be tempted to make that the main large thing - a YouTube link in place of the images.

One last thing would be to highlight the "View CV" tab - it doesn't stand out enough amongst聽all the projects and could easily be missed. Even if it was just a yellow font colour.

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