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[CS:GO][WIP] Tel Aviv

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I thought I should probably share our post play test progress, thanks to everyone who took their time to play de_aviv.

We have adjusted both CT and T mid to reduce play space for CT and improved the sight lines from T mid. We have also shortened mid a little to make pushing up easier for T.








Another change we have made is to make the right entrance to A a boost. You can use the slanted box or dustbins to strafe jump up solo as well but both leave you very exposed and require a lot of skill. By adjusting this entrance, we have made the site easier for CT to hold and less angles to check on a retake.






We have also adjusted several box heights and placements throughout the map to reduce frustrating moments and improve the general flow of the map. 

At this point we are both fairly happy with the layout and we have begun experimenting with textures read for the first art pass. Despite this, we are 100% still open for feedback on all aspects of the map and would love to hear what you have to say. The workshop is up to date and you can download the map here.

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Hey man i'm working on a jailbreak map with some Israeli stuff around, would love to use some of this graffitys and such 

If you don't mind of course.

If you could shoot me a pm about this! 

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