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CSGO de_ellora first detail pass done!

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Hello everyone! 

I have been working on a demolition map for CSGO called de_ellora.

It is inspired of the visuals from de_aztec. 

I have reworked the map a couple of times and done a first detail pass for the map.

I still need the map tested with the new layout.

I also need help with breaking up texture repetition on the brick floor texture.

Please, if you have any constructive feedback and or other impression of the map don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

Below are the current Screens and Workshop link.

WORKSHOP LINK: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=742262472










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Most screenshots give me the impression of a blocky enviroment as you seem to have overly used 90 degree angles and straight lines...
 You could genrate some alteration by using displacements on the ground and some less intense displacements on the walls - i would not expect tp find so many perfect straigt walls/grounds in an old temple like that.
 Adding some decals like dirt and cracks to the walls will also help. If it fits to the theme you'd like to achieve you could also use some wood here and there like: wooden planks, walls, crates, etc. ...
 If you add some more foliage where the walls touch the ground you can also add some more aleration here and there.


Besides that keep up the good work.


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Thank you for your feedback!

I have displacements on every ground that isn't blocks, I don't think displacements would be a great idea on stone blocks.

Maybe it isn't clear on the screenshot but every 90 degree wall have random blocks mesh on them, maybe that isn't enough since it still look very straight.

I am not too fond of the wooden crates every where maps in general seem to have, but maybe it is a great idea to put in more stuff like that to break up repetition.

Thank you for the tips, they will prove valuable!

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Stone blocks on age-old temple are weathered, cracked and imperfect due to the means of creation at the time. They are going to be very imperfect, you should definetly displace ground such as what you have in pictures 2,3 and 4.

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