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Re-compiling valve maps

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Hey mapcore. I have some problems with re-compiling valve maps(Cobble, Dust, Cache - I know it's fmpone map, but still official map on tournaments etc.).


So, when I decompiled Cache to .vmf and after some changes compiled to .bsp everything was works. But in game I didn't see all of the blocks that have been marked as "func_detail" in hammer. In the game, these walls didn't exist. I was trying to deselected from this function but still this didn't work.


How it looks in game(black props and bad lighting is my fault, but it doesn't change anything, because I fix this in other file and wall still didn't exist)

cache after compilation csgo sdk.jpg

In Source Filmmaker - Launch SDK:

Next thing is Filmmaker. I want make small change on Cache for my friend(this change is simply remove of a single door model), who will be use this map in Filmmaker. But when I trying compiling map(step by step as in this guide - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=592178213) after these change I have errors and it's stop compiling.


There is full log file: http://www.speedyshare.com/jdzJV/cache-example-filmmaker.log

It's stop there:

error cache full_compile filmmaker.jpg


I hope I don't forget about anything but if someone need any information to help me, just write. Thx for you'r time. Peace out!

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