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Small Arms Race/Deathmatch map that is ment to be set in an industrial area. It has some custom dev textures made by me. The skybox is closed because grenades are useless in these gamemodes. Fully working radar aswell.

Indeed, there isn't much to show. But it's in a very alpha stage so any gameplay related feedback is good from you, fine people!

Have fun on it with your friends! Oh wait, you don't have friends? Well don't worry buddy, I got just the thing for you! A custom nav mesh that will drive you crazy! You've never seen bots act so human like! *I'm kidding of course, I didn't change the nav mesh at all so if you don't have friends to play this with you're kinda screwed. I will make it better in the next version.

Workshop link





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6 hours ago, The RaZZeR App said:

I really like the symmetry. You already know what look this map will get?

I'm thinking of making it look half like Aztec and the other half like Dust or something like that. I don't know if I'm really gonna use those two maps but I think that might make it more interesting.

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