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Nintendo Switch

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Mario looks fun, can't wait to play around with it. Mario games are usually some of the most polished experiences ever. Galaxy 1 and 2 are still the pinacle of game design to me. 

That said, the world this time around is really weird. Adding realistically proportional human beings into the mix makes the player question shit you shouldn't want people to be questioning, Sega made that same mistake with Sonic when they threw him in with humans, i just find it weird and it's better when the universe can stand on its own, that's why I actually prefer the look of Mario Rabbids over this. 

New York looks really grey and weird, they didn't stylize it enough for me, in comparison the Mexico level looks absolutely awesome and more akin to what Mario is. Same for the woods level, looks strangely photo realistic. 

I'm sure all these concerns will fade once you imersive yourself with the gameplay, but yeah... 

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