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[CS:GO] Thrill

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2 hours ago, RivFader said:

Not at my PC atm, I can link them to you this evening. But I am playing with everything on low iirc.

We just updated with a few fixes. The missing material should be fixed now too, could you verify? :)

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5 minutes ago, Vaya said:

document what you did guys :P We'll all probably need to do it sooner rather than later

Material had both $basealphaenvmapmask 1 and $selfillum 1. They don't like each other so I removed the $basealphaenvmapmask 1.

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51 minutes ago, Skybex said:

Same just happened with Concert and I assume Austria.

confirmed. :rolleyes:

11 minutes ago, BubkeZ said:

Yeah wtf is going on... from 99.4% positive to 63% in 15 mins... from 5 stars to 3... that's ridiculous.

Workshop terrorists are back... :sad:

I thinks it's Valve's turn now. It should be easy for them to detect those ~100 fake accounts and delete them. And remove the fake ratings. And ban the person who's responsible for this forever. And rework the complete workshop rating system, because it's just bullshit.

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