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[CS:GO] Residence [Waterfall]

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I changed my layout on Waterfall. I made it the easiest to remember, but very nuancedly dependent on the tactical plane. Now CT can pay for a passive game on the site, a long rotation. Thank you Mapcore and Reddit Playtest. Thanks to everyone!




In future updates corrective respawn CT and T.
In addition, there will be some changes in the gameplay, but they will not be as global.

I wrote an article about the test results. I shared my thoughts and ideas. Article in Russian, but if you are interested in the text can be translated.

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Short Waterfall 

Waterfall residency is one of the best places to hold an art exhibition.

Fragment number one: "The light in the darkness' 

" - Let us embellish the exhibition with gun shots and blood! " 
" - No, we must only tell about our faith! No need to sophisticate it! " 


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hi @untor

We've been hosting this on the mapcore hub now for a couple of weeks so probably a good time to give you some feedback, I know you don't speak a lot of English so I'll keep this simple as possible:

The map has a lot of potential but it needs simplifying in a number of ways:


  • The pathing around the map is confusing and complex
  • The theming is a little weird, areas don't seem to belong together. B is an industrial zone. A is an art gallery? (with some crates)
  • A is very tight in terms of cover placement
  • Too much glass over critical angles! having to shoot glass before hitting other players sucks
  • some of your textures need de-saturation
A site also has significantly lower FPS for a number of our players

Someone made a gif of some issues with waterfall:








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