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[CS:GO] Residence [Waterfall]

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Future update
-Added ventilation connecting the old mid (bridge area) with mid.
-Removed vertical ladder.
-Corrected spawn point for T side. Balancing with the new changes.
-Window on bombsite A is narrowed.
-Removed crate on bombsite A.
-Add bust near the exit from the pit.
-Expanded connector to the MID from the bombsite A.

-Adjusted the number of grass from the level of graphics settings.
-Improved zoning of gaming space for better performance.
-The range of drawing of a set of static objects was corrected.
-Used new prop models of rocks, with a smaller number of polygons.
-Used rock textures from the hr_massive collection to reduce the weight of the map.

-Added new textures concrete, paving.
-Returned old models of pine trees from the Cobble collection.
-Improved skybox.
-New rock models.
-Map now looks more morning.










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