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31 minutes ago, catfood said:

@Squad that spot is intentional :)

I don't think that specific spot is intentional. He's not standing on the crates, he's on the railings which is very easy to jump on to from the nearest site :)

33 minutes ago, catfood said:

About the clip brushes on the sides of the ship I'm not sure what to do with them.

IMO it's okay to clip off the sides so that players can't jump over, but it has to be done more accurately. The location below is weirdly clipped in such a way that it looks like the player can jump onto the spools (for instance), but can't. 

11 hours ago, Squad said:


I think that it should be clipped somewhat like this:


Maybe you've already addressed this, but it sounded like you haven't yet, so here is my 2 cents :)

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