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Hey mapcore, what's your "comfort" game?

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Its like when you watch The Usual Suspects again, always fresh

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1 hour ago, blackdog said:

I can't wrap my head around hunting games. What's fun about them?

I guess you could say the same about war games. What's fun about shooting people? People get a kick out of it, at least nobody gets hurt this way :P

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I dunno, I'm a terrible person and I get upset for the animal killing rather than humans. I'm one of those cheering when bulls nail the torero.

Since my work in Africa, I changed my mind a bit on hunting, after all I used to fish with a spear gun, so if you're doing it for food I can tolerate, but there trophy hunting is disgusting. I dunno what the game is about but I assume it's exactly that, even if you're doing it for fun and not necessity. I was really annoyed it was a forced mechanic in FC.

In war if you don't sit they shoot you, an animal will steer well away.

So no, is not the same at all.

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