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Hey mapcore, what's your "comfort" game?

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I'm curious to know, what's the one game (or games) that you keep going back to and replaying every year? That one title you just boot up to just cheer you up and have fun with the warm sense of familiarity and nostalgia.

My picks are, S3&K




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I'm really love GTA3. It is first full 3D game in series! I play this game from 2002 every 2-3 years, again and again. The game gives me intereting feels, madness, nostalgia, etc.




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Probably Command&Conquer Red Alert 3(not just this one part), Quake 3 Arena/Live, Battlefield (various titles). I don't play the first two mentions that much, but i keep coming back to these games, i like them. And Battlefield is just my all time fav, always fun to play. BF2 mods were the shit <3 

Edit: Ooooooh, i almost forgot Tekken and Burnout! GTA Vice City, too!

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