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The user experience of Level Editors

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2 minutes ago, Tyker said:

Did that part feel like it was glossed over? I hoped with the words I used and the inflection of my voice to really set straight that this 'pause-edit' system was absolutely amazing and that any editor benefits from such a system, regardless of team size or game genre. Please let me know if I did not make that clear enough!

Well, glossed over in the sense that you are discussing such a complex topic in a one hour segment. So a little hard to understand just how much value each individual aspect has if unfamiliar with any of the tools. I personally believe that being able to run the game and editor in tandem and make real time changes is possibly the most powerful feature an editor can have.

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6 hours ago, shawnolson said:


By the way thanks for wall worm, it's awesome from the few things I played with in it so far.

However, the issue with it may be the setup part. It's the part where you have to install everything do prop models appear correctly as well as textures and so on. It did put me a bit at the beginning. That's a part of the UX which is often overlooked in my opinion.

Unity has some issues with that when you want someone to access and retake the project. While it should've been really easy, I had to explain for 5 to 10 min the logic behind how it's done and why it's done like that, which isn't good for newbies wanting to learn the tool.

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@Tyker No, I wasn't talking specifically about you at that point :) I know you went into that in the video some.

@Skybex Agreed about an editor that runs an engine is best for many reasons. That you can run engines in newer editors makes it unlikely that any serious new projects will start in Source. When your design tools more deeply immerse you into your world (which such newer editors do), the more you get to immediately bring your vision to life. When talking about Source specifically, there is no option (at least publicly) to do that--and Hammer is pretty much the least immersive editor there is. Using Max for Source brings Source level design a lot closer to an immersive workflow--despite not being able to make the jump into full immersion. The next game I work on will not likely be Source, and I probably won't be pushing Max so much then as a level editor; at the same time, I won't be using Hammer for any pet projects that are still in Source.


@laminutederire I hear you. That was never a focus for me early on as I was making WW to build new environments with new props. A lack of other needs in mind makes reusing existing assets clunky--pointing to a validation of this thread where the UI fails because it was not designed with a certain workflow/need in mind. That is actually changing in WW soon; Dave Brennan donated a code project that fellow Black Mesa developer Chetan Jaggi is helping me integrate into WW in the near future.

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