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[CS:GO] Riverside (WIP)

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32 minutes ago, catfood said:

from what i can see from the screenshots i think the map looks solid with interesting angles. one thing what the map could maybe use is a landmark or something that makes the map visually more unique like the empire building does in de_empire or the chinatown area in de_chinatown.looking forward to its progression  :v

I'll go think about what I could make for a landmark on the map, and hopefully not get a headache from that:P

And thanks!

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New update released on de_riverside.

Most changes has been happening around bombsite B for this update.

This weekend I will hopefully get some work done with the 3D skybox and possibly add some sort of landmark that catfood requested.

but whatever, go check it out here.

B Courtyard.jpg

Bombsite B.jpg

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I chose the generic theme to actually get a map done, since I would start over again and again and yeah that kinda stuff. You've probably already heard me say these things like a million times on here. 

But once I get the level a bit more optimised and polished just a tinyyy bit, I'll submit for a playtest surely :)




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11 hours ago, Roald said:


The rocks on the left with the pipes are looking just as cute as this kitty :D


That's hilarious man. It does look like a cat face. The map looks great, but could use different types of texture theme. It blends together. Basically too much brick. Other than that looks nice man.

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