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Thanks guys!

It was an incredibly cool experience showing the game off at PAX West, one of the best times of my career in games. Nearly everyone was super impressed by it (and even more so after trying it out in most cases). Lots of great press as well (KotakuGamesRadar and Killscreen). Also kinda crazy that we get 124.000 views on the Gameplay trailer on Youtube in 1 week, where it took 6 months to get around 30.000 views on the first trailer, and people like CliffyB tweeting about it.

Pretty awesome to be back with even more motivation to finish it up!

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Hey guys! Super thrilled to finally start showing off what we're working on. This is ECHO, I hope you like it. Can't wait to show of the gameplay (we will, very soon :D). We're also on

Haro! Long time, no posting. Been crazy hard at work on this thing, but we finally have a release date for Echo (September 19th!), along with a new trailer and article on Eurogamer.net. Hope you like

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14 hours ago, Mazy said:

Hey, here's something more relevant to the Mapcore folks. We played through a level in the game to better show how the game's core loop works. Be warned though, has me saying stuff in it D:


Love the radar design!

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DAAAAAAAAAAMNNNNN, this shit is sick! My first session clocked in at 90 minutes, I guess you know how to keep a brother entertained. Really well paced so far. A little frustrating but not overwhelmingly so. mmmmm, dis is a game.

Graphics are super tight.


I'm guessing there must have been some substance stuff going on everywhere, it's all very pristine and seamless, even the gritty areas.

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Just finished it a few hours ago. Really slick and tight experience. You guys really know how to make a damn game. Story was great, Voice actors were great, mechanics were great, UI was amazing. 

Please continue to make more games, I will always purchase them on day 1. 

- love vivi

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