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Definitely captivated by this one.

I really wish the palace didn't reboot so often. The effect is so jarring and takes me out of the game completely. And it happens _so_ often. It's kind of irritating. I just wish it wouldn't happen that much :X

Feeling a bit of strain from the repetition of the levels as well at this point. My early enthusiasm for the game is being strained by these things a bit. Still find it hits some really exhilarating moments at times tho.

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On 5/8/2019 at 11:56 AM, Zarsky said:

Sad to see this happen. Apparently there's still a movie coming out based on this.

I hope the devs at Ultra Ultra find new jobs quickly.

Yeah, it's incredibly sad :( It's been the absolute best time of my career, working together with some incredibly talented people and just having a great time making games. Really thankful and impressed that we actually shipped a game of ECHO's size with a tiny team, that was also critically well received (as well as winning a bunch of awards).

Also just sad that the world will never get to see our second game, was really something special.

BTW I'm back at IO again, most of the team has found new jobs, though not quite all.

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