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Heh, I see where from this map is inspired: GITS - Ghost In The Shell , near the end of the movie, when Major Motoko Kusanagi battles against a tank, when Bateau shows up in the last second and hoses it with a *cough* small gun.

I don't see any "Tree of life" illustration on the wall up the stairs :P . It is a bit dark though, and it would be nice with more blown off peices, like in the movie after the tank-battle (maybe broken glass-roof too). But it's your choice if you want the map to look like before or after the battle, heh.

I wonder if it's possible to have a chopper fly by from time to time, since the Combine helicopter is almost the same as the choppers seen in GITS, just for the atmosphere.

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Hell, you know your classics zyndrome ^^,

I really wanted to make the tree of life, but drawn it in photoshop seems to me a too difficult part ^^

And well for the rain :/, it s surelly looks a bit strange but at the beggining I wanted the rain falling from the broken glasses, unfortunatly the hl² entity which makes raining spawn the rain lower from the roof some meters above the player head, so it's raining indoor :/

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Looks pretty neat, I dig the cold and tense atmosphere. Nice to see that you added custom stuff as well.


* The floor doesnt fit well the rest of the map, whereas the floor is green'ish all the rest is grey/brown, they dont match very well imo.

* Needs more light sources. Although the light_env does the job the map needs more light sources around, just to vary a bit. Dont make them too strong or they will kill the atmosphere though.

* Needs more props around, but dont overuse them.

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