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Aim_Cbble (My return to mapping) [CSGO]

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Hey guys!

I haven't really been active here on mapcore since I poster about my de_piranesi remake. The truth is, I put that project down rather quickly. I had no ideas for layout, how the map played or theme, I wasn't really experienced or skilled enough. After that disappointment, I kinda stopped playing CS at all for a few months, and picked up again a month ago. I decided to pick up mapping again, but enough backstory, lets get to the fun part - the map part!

The map I am going to showade today is called Aim_Cbble. It was a quick map to make, and it made me realize how fun it is to see a map go from being an idea to something playable. After tips from what I like to see as my mentors in mapping, Xeculus and Mondy00, I decided that making a 5v5 map wouldnt end well without a layout or theme in mind. I set for a 1v1 map instead, and created the wonderful Aim_Cbble. I am going to update this thread with pictures tomorrow, for now Ill link my steam and people will have to go to my workshop that way. (Sorry, didnt have my computer :/)


Hope you like it!

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Don't get me wrong, but it doesn't remind me Cobblestone so much. You're just using the assets from the map, but nothing else. Architecture style is differen and it doesn't have this Cobble's feel.

Take a lot of reference screenshots of Cbble and start detail it more like Cbble and map should be less boring.

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