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3 hours ago, Motanum said:

I know, I found out just before I went of to GDC. Gonna be tough, but I am gonna keep working.

Honestly competition and the quality standards that are being put out right now is what motivates me to work harder, its good that you're not giving up. I visual styles of both maps, and I will definitely play them both.

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Hey guys. A quick update.

P4 was bugged out. I have fixed that and pushed out a new updated p5. It also includes some visual upgrades for Bombsite B, and the supply area around bombsite B. I also deleted some unsued models and textures. Finally I did some lighting tests for queue and some tests rocks which should not get on the way in entry queue. For Bombsite A I did some optimization as well as removing a door so now you can nade from and to Coaster Exit and Bombsite A.

For this week I will try to focus my efforts into the queue area as well as the T spawn site a bit. Some unfinished elements there as well as the need for a light pass on queue.



How do I place the images in the spoiler section?











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Hey guys! This past week I focused extensively on the queue. I did a lot of redesigning the layout as well as doing touches on the art and theme. Now each room has an identify landmark. For example, There is an ark now, resembling a scene from Raiders of the Lost ark, which should help with call outs and help people not get lost. I also changed the layout between ark and tomb, so now there is no clear line of sight. This means that Terrorist are safer from the Ark room if they manage to cross emergency exit. However, I did ad a behind the scene drop way into ark, so you can go quickly from tomb and into Ark. 

I also did some lighting tests. Still need to do some tweaking. I want the queue area to be theatrical but still bright. 

I still have other layout changes ideas. I plan to bring down the main entrance, so T can have a way towards A without being spotted from middle. Some fixes to the light textures as well as to do more light tests on the queue area to get that finalized quickly for the next beta version of the map.




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I wrote a small update on my blog post.

Also, there is a new version n the workshop now available for play! Let me know what you guys think! I will also update my own server so feel free to play there with your friends! 


Now, I will focus on the 3d skybox, soundscapes and cubemaps. And I will also edit layout if I get some feedback back from you guys. So please let me know what you think.





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This map is looking phenomenal. I'd love to playtest it 5v5 to see how mid plays out.

I feel like something is a little too cartoony with the color palette in the gift shop, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe the light tan near the top is too light, and the pastel bottles are too bright? Really hard to find things to complain about though. Love keeping up with the blog posts as well!

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