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Very impressive game engine!

I guess Source is the weakest of all these engines, but HL2 is the probably the best looking game so far...

Indeed; I think it's been shown time and again that no matter the technical capabilities of an engine, strong art is much more important. Can't wait for metronome~~

And of course they're going to neglect their weaknesses in their marketing material ;) We've yet to see how scalable or efficient it could be. Considering they're putting themselves on par with unreal3 I'm guessing not very, but who knows.

I chuckled at this point: "Significant Ongoing Development" ... that just means "It's not shippable yet" ;p

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Unreal3 engine > all. It was looking just too pretty to be true but i really don't want to try to map for that beast. Or at least not now hehe. This realityengine, well, can't really judge it well since the artwork that's been made for it is (besides Metronome) pretty poor. It seems to be all technically well done but just looks uninteresting. On Metronome it all looks cool though, but not really better than Source imo.

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Computer Games - What would you say are a couple of the big features that make the Reality Engine stand out from other similar products?

Tim Johnson - In terms of rendering technology we have some cutting edge stuff, such as Precomputed Radiance Transfer which allows real-time CGI quality lighting and shadowing. We also have all the same graphical effects you’re seeing in upcoming technology like UnrealEngine3. These days however technology is more than pretty graphics. Development budgets are rising, and games are getting much more complex, so anything you can do to make life easier for the artists and programmers is going to result in better games being made faster, and this is an area where we also stand out.

In this respect we have some cutting-edge “development” technology, such as our use of Microsoft’s C# language for game scripting, which makes it much easier for programmers and artists to create the actual gameplay logic which drives the game. On the artistic side we have support for dynamic scene construction, where you can visualize all the lighting, shadowing and materials in real-time as you move objects around the scene with no compiling, waiting, etc. Another killer feature we have is network level editing, where you can build a scene over the Internet in the level editor, where other people are also connected to the server, creating different parts of the level, or even running around playing it while you’re working on it! This is really going to revolutionize level production. We’ll be releasing this feature to our official licensees in the upcoming months.

Now THIS is the most interesting part about reality engine. I don't really know whether it's a useful feature for designers, but maybe some games can benefit from it in terms of gameplay (dungeon master editing the level while others are playing it for instance).

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