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Epic Games & MapCore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest FAQ

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I've listed the most commonly asked questions below. If you have a question that's not here, feel free to post it in the discussion thread or send me a private message. 

Q: From when to when will the contest run?
A: The contest has started on April 4th. Phase 1 will end on May 2nd. Phase 2 will end on July 4th.
Q: Where can I learn more about UT mapping and Showdown?
A: You can read our guide here and download a PDF or Word document explaining Showdown.
Q: Do I have to make something from scratch or can I submit something that I was already working on?
A: Your map has to be specifically designed for this contest. In other words, it has to be brand new.
Q: After I posted my map in the submission thread (before the deadline has past), how will I know how my entry did?
A: Once all the entries have been posted we are going to send it to Epic and they will judge them and play them. The winners will be announced shortly after.
Q: I want to show my progression during this challenge. Where can I do this?
A: Feel free to post WIP shots in this thread or open your own topic in the 3D forum and post your progress there. If you are new here and you need help with this due to post limitations (our spam prevention method) then let me or another staff member know.

Q: Will we get any feedback on the maps of phase 1?
A: No, we will not provide feedback.
Q: How will we know if we made it to phase 2?
A: Everybody that submitted his/her map in time automatically advances towards phase 2. Phase 1 is about building the foundations and proving you made something new. Phase 2 is about actually finishing it.
Q: I thought that all the maps would be playtested?
A: As stated in the announcement: "Download links will be sent to Epic, who will judge all entries. Epic will also host a community playtest event of the final submissions".
Q: When will the playtest Twitch stream air?
A: We never said it would. "The entire UT team will vote for their favorite submissions and the results will be shared on Unreal Tournament's Twitch channel".
Q: But how will I get feedback then?
A: We've asked everybody to add this disclaimer “I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula )” in their submission. Doing so will allow Epic to upload all maps to their HUB's that are already running custom content. That should make it a lot easier for the community to test the maps and provide feedback amongst themselves.
Q: Any alternatives?
A: Yes, you can also use the Community Test server. More information can be found here.
Q: When will Epic upload the maps?
A: That depends on how quickly everybody adds the disclaimer. We'll be contacting people directly to speed up the process. We'll announce the date as soon as we have one.
Q: I'm not statisfied with my phase 1 entry. Can I improve it?
A: Yes, that's the whole point. Make it better and finish it. Cultivate it into a winning map. Every designer knows that things change towards completion, so that can also include parts of the layout.  

Please keep this feedback in mind for your Phase 2 submission:

Keep the name of the pak file the same as the name of the map you have posted. Many maps submitted have a completely different name than what was submitted to Mapcore.
Add a screenshot to your map (in game). It will help encourage people to actually play it. 
Have all files available to download on a site that doesn't require sign-ins.
Make sure the prefix on the maps are DM- or CTF-. For showdown they should be DM-.

I'll keep updating this if more questions need answers. This thread is locked and purely meant to be a FAQ post only.

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