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Epic Games & MapCore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest Discussion

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Gratz to the winners and thanks to Epic and Mapcore for the contest!

I'm really looking forward to playing most of the maps (I haven't yet, and they look totally awesome!), but I'd like to know first about the ones that work in the newest build. I see that Scinbed and Maul have recooked their maps lately, but do the other levels work fine or should we wait for them to be fixed?


6 hours ago, Mitch Mitchell said:

Let me be the first to say Congratulations to TheGlecter;)

Scinbed, Byron Gore, Heresiarch, MauL, all had significantly excellent maps, but I feel DM-Batrankus just pipped it, but only just.

Hey, glad to hear you like Batrankus and its death ledges! :P I didn't see Epic do any weird trick out of the spike pits in the stream, but there are plenty of wall tricks and boot jumps to do by the outer edges of the map, and that's what the death ledges are for... ;) Anyway, I'm super happy to be on the top 3... that's more than I had bargained for!

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5 hours ago, FrieChamp said:

I played all of the maps and the top 5 are a selection I can agree with. But there are many more great entries beyond these! Congrats not only to the winners but to everyone who submitted their work! Many thanks to Sprony and the folks at Epic for organizing the contest! :)

Man, your map was one of my favorites from Phase 1. I really hope you will be able to flesh it out and release it in the future.

Also, Great job Sprony! You are really becoming a pro at contest organization :)

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Argh I'm on mobile, can't see the stream and it's difficult to track down the authors of the winning maps (just curious to know who won!)

Congratulatioms to the winners! ? As well as all those who managed to deliver by the deadline ?

Bug thank you to @Sprony, the rest of the staff involved, and Epic to make this happening!

Hopefully we'll have more competitions in the coming months ?

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