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Epic Games & MapCore's Unreal Tournament Level Design Contest Discussion

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19 hours ago, RZE said:

I posted this on the official forums as well.

If we can identify that some assets are missing somehow we can release them separately to get this addressed. Again, we're sorry that this issue has occurred. 

From the map load message this is what I seem to be missing:


I'll cross post in the other thread also. Thank you guys for your hard work!

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Grats on the submissions guys, incredible work from everyone, so much creativity and variety! 

MapCore results are in! We're planning to do a stream next week to announce results. More details coming soon! - RZE

Showdown overview   

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On 13/07/2016 at 11:57 PM, RZE said:

We have all of the MapCore entries and the build that it was generated on (0.1.2). We'll be judging them from that point, where they were submitted in the build that they were submitted for. 


Thank you so much. I'm relieved :D

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16 hours ago, NATO said:

Cool, can't wait!

Just uploaded a fixed version of my map BTW. Fortunately, the .pak was far more broken than my map's file once I opened it in the editor, and it just took a bit of work to roll back to previous backup assets. :)

I'm posting the new link here since the other thread is locked:  DM-Batrankus_RC1c

Best of luck everyone!

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