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UE4 -WIP- Destiny Fan Art - Mars Station


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Hey Gang, I got a bit of work in today, sorry for not being able to build the lighting....I keep running out of memory :(
I'll end up building the lighting on monday....but...
Here is what i was able to get done today,
-Sculpted sand
-Painted sand
-Started on Car shader (its not ready to show but you can see it in the first image)
As always let me know what you guys think!

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Hey there! So props on getting this far.

IMO your landscape is dominating the image, which would be better off if if the architectural elements predominated instead. For instance, take a look at the intensity of your ground displacement, and the huge size of the rock props you're using to add detail there. Some of the rocks in the foreground look as large as your building elements! You probably don't want that, which on the one hand has to do with the composition of your shot, but at the same time the rocks do appear to be simply too large in and of themselves. I would try to match the concept art more closely for now (smaller, more desaturated ground detail mixed with less defined shapes), since that will help steer you away from some of these issues.

I would also try to desaturate/lighten/whiten your skybox more (as in the concept piece), since lightness in the sky is a great way to illustrate depth that's missing from these shots and of course provides a welcome contrast to the warm ground.

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Hey @FMPONE thank you for the reply! I can definitely see where your coming from, I'll try to get a better balance for the ground, now that you said that the more i look at it the more i agree with you. I will probably temporarily removed the rocks until I'm ready to add them back in again. One of the reasons this piece is so interesting and fun is because its not in the game(not as depicted in the concept art) so i have a really cool opportunity to bring it to life, but it is also a struggle of having one foot in the concept art and one foot in the game..... and the more i start to steer it toward the concept the more assets I see i have to make hahaha :lol:

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Whats up guys, so during lunch I was able to create a car shader that now applies sand to the mesh based on wind direction and is scaleable :)
I also have a daynight cycle workingish.....i just need to be able to update my spherical reflection captures. But let me know what you guys think.


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Happy Monday Guys!
I was not able to do a lot of work this weekend, I started doing some material refinement as well and getting a good base for my day night cycle. Still needs some work but its a good base, I also created 2 new materials in substance, concrete and rust.

^wip day night cylcle

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I did a bit of work on my scene last night, added a trim material and a material for the ceiling of the structure, I may add a mask to show damaged paneling for the ceiling idk, what do you guys think?

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The cars seem really small and throw off my perception of scale in the scene. I think some details also get lost in their surroundings (the lettering over the stairs for instance) - check the concept again, even the trims and elements like that have lighter tones. 

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I really think the sunlight is way to saturated/colored yellow-orange.

If you look at the reference, the light is close to white, which make sense at this time of day. The orange tone of the picture comes from the sand on the ground and in the air here and there, the buildings are not all tinted orange like they are in your scene.


The sky is also grey, which brings some balance in the picture.

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@spence Good eye! scale has been something i have been wrestling with this peice from day one...hopefully the changes I have made rectify that issue

@ng.aniki I agree with the lighting i have made changes to that....its soo easy to go over board and go full on rust....i know the concept shows the white sky....but i really love what they are doing in game.....but i may swing it back around when i have implemented the background asset changes to make it resemble the concept even more.

@CubeEON Thanks man! Hopefully soon there will be that is the goal any way :D

@FX Thanks man :)

So I am in the process of completely redoing the background meshes as well as trying to add more assets to the scene to really bring it alive, I have also changed the lighting. Please let me know what you guys think :D


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