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So guys, after quite a while of silently working on the layout of Intelligence, I felt like the layout just didn't work too well and I have decided, to make a new map out of the theme. After working on this map for a while I am now finally happy with where I am (greybox) and want to present what I've done so far. I would really like to get some feedback in from you (especially on the area around B and on A site!) so I can work on the map to actually finish it this time around. (For theme and visual ideas, look further down the post after the screenshots). Enjoy the screenshots :) !




close view into A from CT side:A_close.thumb.jpg.787aa2031264b833d8b464

A to mid connectorA_entry.thumb.jpg.4d510584b6394ee5b073e4

A from A long entranceA_from_A_long.thumb.jpg.19f55b83e97e5639

A from CT SpawnA_from_CT.thumb.jpg.5fbbd08db6ca38481759

A long tunnel entrance:a_long_entry.thumb.jpg.8e6864f1b8e062f2a

A LongA_long.thumb.jpg.885f00f947e88fe61cb2bfb

mid from A to mid connector roomA_to_mid.thumb.jpg.3cbd982843debfc1ec41e

A long tunnelA_tunnel.thumb.jpg.90b92f03a39a06ebaeff1

B site from CT entranceB_from_CT_entry.thumb.jpg.f6b03d5308290b

B site from B longB_from_T_long.thumb.jpg.1923cde3697bf2f7

B site from T mainB_from_t_main.thumb.jpg.4846c0ff629736e2

B LongB_long.thumb.jpg.902c842d9f617fbd5c424e9

T main for B (with entrance to T mid to B on the right):B_main.thumb.jpg.97644629b698c808f40b8db

B from retake room:B_retake_room.thumb.jpg.689d355e4f6c9b05

outside B on the CT sideCT_B_entry.thumb.jpg.ed61099c007783a0a63

T mid to B connector


mid (T side to the left, entrance to A connector room to the right):mid.thumb.jpg.f1e5458e0f9638bc736e8d3355

T mid exits (to mid on the right, T mid to B connector on the left):T_exit.thumb.jpg.10e74efa00eb35e5fedd7ae

T mid (big shot)T_mid.thumb.jpg.f8347ee704526094908534a4

view from A long into long T connector:T_side.thumb.jpg.b4e643d0220ec2cabb075c3

T Spawn:T_Spawn.thumb.jpg.34006f645bdf72ec26d0bd

watching entrance into A connector room from A site:watching_mid_from_A.thumb.jpg.6daba41072

CT Spawn isn't anything interesting to show really, so I left it out (it's plain empty space)



Theme and visuals:

This is a surveillance facility run by the American governement. The Ts found its location and want to either blow up the big satellite bowl (going to be on A) or the server saving all the data (B). I was thinking of a setting in some American forest during indian summer, so imagine all the trees bearing yellow, red, orange and a few purple leaves. I've already set the ambient lighting to reflect some of this theme. The building walls are mostly supposed to be a very light (pastel) orange to fit this colour palette as well. The insides of CT side are supposed to be a steril blue (work that blorange baby!) whilst the outsides and T insides are of a relaxing orange. The entire thing is supposed to be hidden, so I imagine the trees to be hanging over the paths in some places, giving the outsides a half shady look. CT spawn will be a helipad maybe, but more likely just a dirt road (in that case I'd narrow it a bit). there will be one of these things over A:


It is going to be a focal point, visible from nearly everywhere on the map's T or A side (but only as long as you are outside ofc ;) ). (@Vorontsov I am so sorry the model you so generously made for me didn't even get into the map! I had mucked up something with the scale probably, at least it was about twice the size I needed...)

That's all for my ideas. If you guys want me to I can also upload a graphic in which I show timings and standard defense positions for both sides :) . 

Anyone who wants to test it can download all the files from here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/id5i9hdv115s3/de_oakwood .  

I Hope to hear of you guys soon :) !




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forgot to put in the download :D
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Update time (and hell of a good one  )!  The rest of the pictures is found on Imgur: http://imgur.com/a/aXsVy Full credit for a lot of the textures to @Sky

We have now submitted for a playtest later this day! (Sorry for the short notice, dear admins) In case we get it, we really hope to see all of you there  ! But if we don't, we don't want to

Heyho guys, we just wanted to share our progress on oakwood. After loads of planning, blocking and private testing, we are now confident enough to reveal the changes made to A! I will give y

Posted Images

Use official light_environment settings from here:


Your light is 'too yellowish' and a bit distracting.

I did use one of those at first, I didn't like it though and wanted the theme to be a bit different (as explained in the post above), so I changed the lighting. I would right now wait to see what others think of it before changing it back. But thank you nevertheless for the suggestion :), I will keep it in mind.


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While I agree with the others that the lighting is too yellow and not realistic, I think its better to change your lighting into something original.

For example looking at reference pictures and trying to recreate that lighting -instead of using Valves standard lighting, that is used on allready existing maps.

The map looks intresting, like the theme. Looking forward to see your progress! :)

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Original lighting is good, but this is just physically wrong. The color of shadows is the color of all combined light minus the light the object is blocking. Since here, the shadows are blocking the sun, the only light left comes from the sky, which is blue.

Or in short, direct sunlight is yellowish/orangeish, while shadows are the color of the sky. So you'd need something like this: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/w/images/d/df/Sky_harvest_01.JPG as your skybox, which could look really cool imo. Right now it's uncanny valley territory though.

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Ok so since you all agree on the lighting, I will change that, following @JustFredrik 's advice, so trying to create an own but (thanks @Jakuza for the explanation on how lighting works) realistic lighting.

@Goatacus : I do not know exactly how the sites would play for CTs who try to defuse. If I make the plantzones bigger there may be a lot of OP angles for defense for Ts. I will try to work something out though. I will also try to make the sites bigger, so that there is more open space for skilled gunfights. For this I would probably make B a bit longer and scale up A like so:


Is this about what you thought of ?

I also consider pulling B slightly down towards CT side, because the timings are REALLY tight there right now. Both B Long and B main are peaked by Ts and CTs at around the same time so I should probably fix that ^^.

I will hit you guys back tomorrow with an update, until then.

Cheers! :)  

aunt Edit says: PS: just an afterthought: Do you think gaining control of mid to CT / CT itself is too powerful for Ts because they can cut off rotates down there 100%, only leaving open the T side entrances into the bombsites ?

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Ok guys, so I have been working today and wanted to share the progress, eventhough  I haven't done the lighting yet. The blocking is way more than I thought. Also I lengthened B but didn't like it. The cover simply didn't work out well anymore. Also I figured like B would feel more open with the reworked B long and T main in place anyways. For now I will just change it back to the old version of B. Tell me what you think about it please :) .   

List of changes:

- reworked B long to make it more of an AWP angle. This includes the Ts having to gamble. CTs should reach the aggressive sightline around two seconds after Ts do (but there's multiple popflashs for CTs who want to go aggressive) but can just choose to safely hold an angle a bit further back (which is still longer than what was in B long before).

- bigger A site

- deleted angle from A to mid connector room

created a new angle from A to the entrance of A long tunnels  

I only have editor shots for now unfortunately, but enjoy those nevertheless :) !


Deleted angle into mid


new angle into longnew_angle.thumb.jpg.28220c78d8440747d8a0

bigger A sitereowrked_A.thumb.jpg.e01eae94096e4722665

new B longreworked_B_long.thumb.jpg.78a3651a4ff1fe 


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here is the small update I promised you guys (download link: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/qvhmd12mdnw1l/oakwood_6) It features better lighting, a new B long, a bigger A site and new B site placement.




I am still not one hundred percent sure on whether I already like the timings on B, which is why I am still toying with the idea of putting it even further back towards CT.

Tell me what you think :)




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Another small layout change: so here is v7:


The playable version is here : https://www.mediafire.com/folder/6cyi4yut344du/oakwood_7 :) 

Keep the feedback flowing. I am planning on applying for a playtest soon so anything you want fixed before that happens, you should tell me soon ;) .



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inserted graphic showing timings
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And yet another supersmall update. I decided to change Long B again even before the playtest. Here is the new overview picture and a few screenshots. Enjoy :) .



Here is the download link as usual: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/cbue8w9d19aet/de_oakwood_8

Furthermore I have submitted this version for the playtest on sunday. See you there :) !

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