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[CS:GO][WIP] de_sanchez

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Here's some compiled pics

You could try removing the big red lines, they just seem a bit incongruous with the overall theme. Other than that I think it looks very nice.

Made a radar image Scheduled a playtest on 23rd Apart from clipping and optimization touchups the map should be pretty much done.

Posted Images

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Hi everyone. Sorry I couldn't make it to the last playtest. I've gone through the demo a couple times and hopefully fixed some of the jarring problems the map had.

Here's both layouts for comparison


Summary of changes:

  • Moved A towards mid and T considerably.
  • Added another retake entry to B
  • Shortened mid considerably, rifles are totally viable for holding mid now.
  • Shortened most sightlines.
  • Added some cover on B

I know you guys don't like greyboxes on playtests, should I detail a bit before going for another one?

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Some thoughts from yesterdays playtest:


Potential issues:

  1. Don't let CT's peek over the board, only in the opening.
  2. I understand why the clipping on the tractor is there, but personally I hate forced clipping.
  3. The entrance to B is very narrow and uninteresting. Also forcing T's to drop down a bit when they push puts them at a major disadvantage.
  4. Make some extra room for the spawn so it's not as cramped.
  5. Not too fond of this angle since CT's can stand really far back and see the catwalk from there.
  6. Mid is hard to control for T's since both entrances from the CT side allows them to flank easily. This is a hard one for me to explain though. Tell me if you need further explanations.

The good stuff:

Personally I like the A-setup! T's are at a disadvantage if they only push at 8 since CT's have the high ground. The CT peek is risky though since T's can easily take control of 7, and they now have 2 entrances to the site (through 7 & 9) and control over the courtyard (8). I think this is interesting and I wouldn't actually change much in this area :D

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Wow thanks, that's some feedback.

I've actually fixed some of the problems you listed straight after the playtest including b entry and (5) sightline. Interestingly I also extended CT spawn exactly like you posted. Moved T spawn back too, to widen the timings a bit.

I was about to dig into mid and make it more traditional but I think I'll keep it like this for now. Maybe I'll add some kind of overpass toilets thing to make the area more interesting.

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