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Snarkpit has returned under a new URL


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Snarkpit has finally resurfaced under a new host, but due to Oktagone inadequecies, we don't have the old snarkpit.com domain :( Hopefully one day it will return, but for now at least, update any links or bookmarks to the new http://www.snarkpit.net . There is a new theme that is on by default, but if you preferred the black you can change to it through your preference settings in your user control panel. There are obvious issues such as missing images, files, and the like, but these will be fixed soon enough I'm sure :)

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Oktagone give the impression on their site that they'll transfer your domain to different name servers and shit if you ask. Is this not the case?

I figure it'd be a good idea to do your damnest to get the domain back since lots of people will never check for anything but snarkpit.com. :/

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Hmm, here is about the best I can do for an explanation...

Oktagone went down a while back, as mapcore denizens will no doubt be aware. Eventually it resurfaced, and while Mapcore wisely jumped ship to another host, the Snarkpit bided its time and looked for alternatives while recieving, as far as I know, free hosting in the meantime. A couple of weeks ago, the Snarkpit seemed to use up all its bandwidth, and a few days later the site was completely inaccessible. I'm told this was because Oktagone went under once again, and apparently for good this time. Lep got hold of alternative hosting at this point, but Oktagone's are, and I quote from overlord Leperous, "not willing or capable of giving us our snarkpit.com domain back". Therefore, until we manage to get a hold of our .com address, we will have to make do on the .net one. This could prove kinda tricky since many members won't know to check the .net version, so if people could spread the news so to speak, it would be appreciated :)

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