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German Front is a Mod for Call of Duty: United Offensive. The first version of the Multiplayer will be released tonight (i hope so).

You can find it here: http://www.germanfrontmod.de

Saint Lo is a coproduction of DeathPool (a well known mapper in the moh/cod mappingscene) and me. In the beginning the map was a personel project of me. I started it nearly a year ago. After a half year of mapping i finished more or less a smaller version of the map. It was my first map with custom content. I made new textures, the skybox and the cool smoke fx. Then said my mate DeathPool that he wants to add some stuff to make it a bigger map and i gave the mapfile to him. It wasnt a wrong decision because he added some awesome stuff like the factory.

I must say that im very proud of that map. We worked as a team on it and the result comes very close to a professionel map imo. The layout seems to work very well and the frames per second are very good for the high dense of detail.


http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/ambientbub ... ntlo01.jpg

http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/ambientbub ... ntlo02.jpg

http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/ambientbub ... ntlo03.jpg

http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/ambientbub ... ntlo05.jpg

http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/ambientbub ... ntlo06.jpg

http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/ambientbub ... ntlo07.jpg

http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/ambientbub ... ntlo08.jpg

http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/ambientbub ... ntlo09.jpg

http://www.mitglied.lycos.de/ambientbub ... ntlo10.jpg

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Hmm, i was never at eastern front mod. maybe you have seen pics of the Stalingrad Grain Elevator Map? the map was never released though but it was a cool piece of mapping. :)

You were on some mod werent you? I clearly remember your work for some mod.

EDIT: It was German front mod, looking at your sig.

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