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[Wip] De_Croatia

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Hi. From the last update it seems like there are really long line of sights. I think  the right spawn area was more interesting. But great work so far. 

Damn first version of this map was back in 2016? you have lot of pations :D I think at some point you need to call the layout done and transform the greybox in the actual place :)


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Yesterday I was part of the playtest on your map.
A lot of feedback was already given by players/mappers far more experienced then me,
though I just want to post my screens that I took yesterday and maybe add some thought.



First of all, these two sidelines.
These are two small, long sights that could you give info or potentially an angle to kill.
I don't know if they are intended, but as I personally dislike these small long sights, I wanted to show them.
Maybe the are intended, maybe just an oversight.
You decide.



Next two headshot angles.
I guess someone already pointed the one with the container out during the playtest,
But I also had this other one, just above the bench (partially behind the fallen train) on A site.
These are nasty spots to kill.




And lastly, something minor at this stage of the map making.
A gap in the wall where you could spot through.

Don't be afraid to experiment. I've seen throughout the topic, that the layout already changed a lot from the first couple of iterations.
Just keep what is good and gamble on what is bad.
Personally, I liked the look and feel of A site.
And with the feedback i heard yesterday, with some tweaking it could be a very good bombsite.

Good luck with the mapping!

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Firstly, please rotate your CT spawn! The flow of a map is really important and starting it with a compulsory 90° turn might not seem like a huge deal, but also unnecessary.


In fact, I think most of this map's problems stem from his it flows: the route towards A as T makes you backtrack slightly, and the route towards B has you turn away from the site to then turn 180 back on yourself.

If timing is an issue, you'll need to move things about as just making people zig zag to kill time is frustrating to the player.

The map is wider than it is long so immediately channels people off and doesn't leave much space for a useful mid that doesn't have long connectors.

I've suggested a couple of adjustments to your current mid but I think you should consider combining your "pre-mid" and mid together and slim them down.

The pre-mid area is too safe for Ts, they can freely rotate if blocked from a site without taking a time punishment via spawn, or a faster/higher risk route through mid.

Hopefully that all makes sense!

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