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[UE4] Making an Office Environment in Unreal 4 - Tutorial

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You fucking rock Minos, brilliant stuff as usual~~looking at this stuff makes me wanna make a map with it :D

haha thanks man! That would be interesting actually, since the map is made of a very flexible modular kit you would have no trouble. Funny enough I looked at kissmeyerbasic the other day for ideas (still one of my favorite maps ever and the best office map evar :D). Things go full circle sometimes :P

Squad/blackstormy: haha yeah i went full retard with the dots :P will definitely pull it back. They are in the roughness layer so they are only visible from certain angles but still...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments, can't wait for the next post, it should be a big step up from this with all the props and polish :)

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You gonna release the assets for free use? Wondering if one could use it in a UT map (although maybe too grounded setting still)

I'm planning on having an extended version of the kit available for sale on the marketplace at some point, probably after april or so :)

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Makes me so happy to see people contributing to the community like this, seriously shit is inspiring thanks man.

Can't wait to see the scene out there, there's a surprising lack of proper tutorials on environment art out there.

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