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[GSGO] de_studio [WIP]


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This is a early version of a map I'm working on.
It is going to be a bomb defusal map.

The setting woudl be a movie studio, but I'm open minded and keeping all possibilities open.

While I'm building the map I'm still learning alot of techniques and alot about leveldesign for counter strike.








Workshop link:

I'm currently looking for layout feedback,
but other feedback and suggestions are also welcome.

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Don't know if you checked, but...

It's alright. I've stopped working on it anyway.

Good luck on your project! Just wanted to make sure you know there's another thread with the same name

Yeah I saw your post once  a couple of months ago. Thing is, I was already making a layout then. I hope you don't think I stole your idea.
About the name, consider it a working title which can change in the future.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well first and for all, thanks for everyone to test my map yesterday.
Second thing: I'll remove those metal railings asap ;)

Now for the general feedback, 

I reviewed the fb from the playtest and put them togheter with my own notes and this is what I came up with

-64unit boxes => bad ( I'll fix that)
-I thought the timings were quite fair, seems like the teams met eachother around the chokepoints, but then I saw some interesting things. CT's pushed instead of T's and the mid connector to A creates some strange situations.
-Someone complained about the entrance to B was too tight, but I saw some interesting fights overthere
-Others found A a nice bombsite, but maybe too flat, I'm looking into that aswell ( if it's possible)
-Last but not least @Vaya made a mention "Chokepoints are too straight, CT's get too much info too easily" I would like some explanation about that.

Then I was happy that nobody got out of the map, so I clipped enough (sorry fnuggi no kz_eternal_climbing)
And you guys use alot, but really a lot of smokes :p.

Here an overview with timings:



And if you have some feedback, just shoot, the more the merrier.

I would like to smooth out the layout first before moving on.

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I dig that t-spawn of yours ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




Well I've never seen the other map before, (after a bit of research i've found out it is your map) so I really wasn't trying to copy anything. Guess i just had the same idea, Terrorists arriving in the white van and crashing into the barrier.
The current state is a little bit different, the final result I have in mind should not look at the building in the left picture.


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