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de_shortmirage - my attempt at converting it in a Demolition map


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Disclaimer: I just discovered, that another user recently also worked on a shortmirage. I didn't actually know this when starting on this map, and I think that our approaches are different enough so that they don't interfere :)


The Leet Crew hit Mirage Town really hard with their recent successfull attack on the main site and the historical palace. The peace-loving Mirage People though have chosen to build up something new from upon the ashes and are starting to build up the town again. Economy is flourishing and everything is going alright, when the Leet Boss decides it's time to strike again against the British SAS soldiers who help the town to grow.

This is my attempt at creating a short map from the existing popular map de_mirage. I find it really nice and informative to map such things, especially for newer mappers because you can just place models and change brushes without thinking toooo much, but it's also a bit awkward because of all the messy optimations and skybox and stuff.

I removed all the paths to A, because I think that Bombsite B makes for a more interesting gameplay because in Demolition and Armsrace, you often play with short ranged weapons, but that doesn't mean I made snipers useless. I generally tried to remove many of the dirty camper spots for CT's while not removing cover completely for afterplant situations. T's have 2 big entries to the site, 3 if they manage to jump into window from short. The map was changed to be suitable for Demolition but still be "Mirage", and I've also given the map a fun polish, with spammable toilets and destrucible doors because Demolition :D.

To sum it up I put way to much thoughts in it for it being an Demolition map ;)




Very much changed window room, it has changed into a rather minimalistic kitchen.



Window itself has turned into a pretty nice eating area, and a carpet is hanging out of it :)



There is construction stuff everywhere on the map, you can jump to short over the truck that is in lower mid, and the cement things are added to give a bit of cover from window. There is a little "connector" to connector on the upper left to let the t's camp a little.



Connector is blocked of with the Van because A site got blown up. On the left there is the "connector" way to upper mid (not visible here)



Ladder room was in construction for so long, but now it is a finished mini palace to chill out and watch ( but not go) to window



One of the two short arches have been blocked of.



View from B onspot.



Above view, added ladder and crates to jump to apps, and removed van and the grating of the window.



another view.



Added a liiitle more cover for the market guys



CT spawn



View over the van on a (you can't go there)



Palace and T ramp have been blocked (you can't get this far to it though)



T spawn. Everything leading to A is blocked.



Look at the connector door and mid in general



another angle of CT spawn



Look around the Map and see for yourself (note that there's no radar yet, unused areas are still in the map, and the compile is not perfect because I will most likely change things up.)

Click here to go to the Workshop

(a detailled changelog can be found there)




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From screenshots it looks a bit weird to me. There're so many changes compared to the original version of Mirage.

There're more changes than in existing short... maps.

But this is only my opinion, you dont have to agree with that ;)

The changes are there to make it more balanced, if I just let anything there, it would be heavily CT sided

I feel your CT-spawn is too busy and would propably quickly annoy CT players. Therefore I would suggest making it smoother and simpler.
 Also the entrance to shop should be wider here. I doodled it in for you:


Hope this helps. Good luck with your map.

Youre right, I will change that.

Tbh it just looks like you discovered how to place props and did that everywhere where you found a little space to do so.

It doesn't look appealing at all.

What else should I have done in your opinion? Should I have built a new palace on B or what? Short maps are meant to be roughly the same, with the pathways to one bombsite removed, and all props placed "nooby" as you call it, are there to provide cover for T's, make the short ranged Demolition weapons useable and generally balance the map as far as it goes.

This comment is a bit rude and not useful at all, because you just chose to say " this sucks " and "you didn't place brushes", instead of saying what to do better.

Wow, two short mirages in a few days, what are the odds?

I'm not a big fan of modifying existing maps, but if you're new to mapping I suppose it's a good way to get a feel for things. However I think it's also important you get used to making things from scratch, since that's the sort of work you'll need to familiarize yourself with if you're planning to make a map of your own.

As for this modification of Mirage, I think it's simply too linear. Terrorists are given two paths to traverse, which they can basically guarantee will be heavily guarded by CT's that spawn right next to the bombsite. The big problem here is with only one bombsite and so few paths, most of it is just walking to get killed. If you look out some other demolition maps such as Bank, Lake and Safehouse, they're essentially open, giving lots of room for creative gameplay. Classic Defusal maps aren't really suited for Demolition to begin with, as the modes although superficially similar, play very differently. 

I didn't like how you blocked off some things and how many paths became crammed with props either. I think when placing a prop in an area you need to ask yourself "what is the purpose of it?" and "does it make sense?" For instance there is a large truck just parked in the lower area of middle, which aside from not being able to drive there, doesn't fit in with the theme very well. There's lots of other assets being used that look out of place as well. Sometimes instead of blocking things off with props its better to use brushes. If an area isn't playable, you can just block it off with a building, wall or unopenable doors (eg. doors on Dust II or Cobble), which also helps with optimization. Of course it's nice to have some scenery outside of the map, but you need to find a healthy balance.

I'm sorry if me or any of the other members have been too blunt with you, we're just trying to help you out. I hope you were able to learn something from this, and continue to have fun mapping :)

I went for the same approach as there is in the existing short maps. This is the first version so I may add something else, but let it be like that for now. The truck really is just a place holder, and you're right with the doors. My though process was to have the player familiar with his surroundings althought they can't go there and also know the basics of the playable area.



Few people have actually commented on the gameplay elements. You should know I can't add a whole new path, I can only expand upon whats already there. Because it's a short map like short dust or short train.

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What else should I have done in your opinion? Should I have built a new palace on B or what? Short maps are meant to be roughly the same, with the pathways to one bombsite removed, and all props placed "nooby" as you call it, are there to provide cover for T's, make the short ranged Demolition weapons useable and generally balance the map as far as it goes.

This comment is a bit rude and not useful at all, because you just chose to say " this sucks " and "you didn't place brushes", instead of saying what to do better.

I knew i would regret my comment. I guess i have to stop browsing Mapcore when coming home drunk after being in a pub. :|
I'm apologizing for the rudeness and unconstructiveness in my post. Mapcore is not the place to be like that.

I'm now trying to do better:

The excessive usage of props - often not fitting to the environment - makes maps look cheap and as if not enough effort went into the creation of them. That's a pretty common mistake i see when browsing the CS:GO Workshop. Unfortunately your map contains this in several places. Especially where you tried to block the routes. Let's look towards the A bombsite. The chosen props look random and don't fit to the closer environment. Therefore it looks unnatural and messy. For example the random concrete barriers and rocks blocking the entry to the palace in front of A. How did they get there? Are these models plausible in this location? Maps don't always have to be realistic, but that doesn't mean you should place random props to block such iconic paths. The already mentioned Truck in lower mid and the blocked connector also add to the messy look.

This leads me to the next point: Why did you change so much of the B site and paths leading to it? Short[...] maps offer the experience of a popular defusal map cut down to only one of the two bombsites for fast action and a more casual and fun gameplay. Sometimes 1-2 new connectors are needed to give both teams enough to work with while still offering a similar experience as the main versions of said maps. In your approach of the map you deleted, added and changed so much of the features which make Mirage and its B bombsite what it is. Why did you delete the van? Why is there so much cover added to B short? Why is there suddenly a door leading towards window? So much of the typical Mirage experience changed, you'd be better off creating a new layout rather than taking the atmosphere away from the map.

So what to do better?

Stop the excessive usage of props and think about the plausability of having them. Do they fit? Is the map benefiting from the existence of these props?

Don't try to create a Demolition version of a map while taking away all its features and atmosphere. Sometimes less is more.

Instead of simply blocking the paths towards the not used bombsite with random props, build something new(with brushes and less props). It makes the map feel more natural and less messy. It doesn't have to be complicated, it should just look plausible. Look how simple Valve did it on Shorttrain.


I hope i've been more constructive now, i apologize again for being that person. Everybody started somewhere and i should've known better.

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Simply from a performance perspective, it would make more sense and reduce the file size to block off A more effectively. Whether you edit the brushwork to make it look like it never existed, or close it off with doorways is entirely up to you.

I would also leave the map as close to the original as possible; you clearly like the map enough to have decided you want a short version of it, so I highly advise against altering the gameplay of it. Shaving a couple of seconds off initial contact isn't so bad as long as it's equal for both teams and the dynamic of the bomb site remains in tact.

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