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[WIP] cs_terminal

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I started sketching this plans for this map about two years ago, but only got around to completing a playable version a month ago. As the name implies, it's a hostage situation within an airport terminal.

The hostages are well separated with spawns in the food court, shops, and restrooms. There are two main contact areas that are spacious and varied, so they aren't chokes. The hostage rescue zone is spacious and has three paths leading into it, each from a different direction.

Workshop Link

Demo Analyzer



T Spawn and Shops


CT spawn and rescue zone


Atrium contact area


Baggage contact area


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Added demo analyzer
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The cements gotta go, looks really depressing TBH, make it light! The carpet where the chairs are looks like something from the 90's, not very modern. 

See the sunlight and the white'ish colours? :)

I definitely will do that. I just wanted to get a layout tested before I made new textures. Most of the ones in there I borrowed from L4D.

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Good to hear, you're the guy that made all the night maps btw? If so, I expect great things from you, feel the pressure. :) 

I hope I can deliver. Haven't played as much with daytime lighting.

As an aside, how do you get textures from L4D to use with CSGO? There are a lot of the models from the mall level Id really like to use. Was the escalator a model or brushwork?

I extracted them from the L4D VPKs using GCFscape. The escalator is a model from the mall assets.

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