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Plazaar Greybox Playtest

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I recommend adding the bombsites and spawns on the radar : -)

Would be nice if you had windows to A site for when you are going from T spawn to A (Long?), could throw in some flashes some smokes


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Players can get up here, which is a bit annoying to check as it seems more like a pixelboost than a regular area to check.obl1.thumb.jpg.33b39ae88131143fd733e736f


I really liked mid. Height variation, few spots to check, few spots to hide, and ambush areas from the side. Nice!


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You can plant here and wallbang defusing CTs.



Deathtrap for CT's Rotating or T's entering.


You can watch the rotation very easily from here.


A few units off here ;)



So far the map looks really pretty, and the layout has potential to be very fun! Good luck! 

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