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First Unreal 2004 Experience


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My first experience with Unreal. For class we had to create a room that you might see in a functional game level with a focal point. I had a week to learn the editor and do what I could, so this is what I present to you. Its a total of 27 seperate static meshes. I didn't have time to put in the volumetric lighting from the cave opening. I might fix this up later because I'm not pleased with the pose of the statue (needless to say I didn't get to clothing him either lol) and some of the model's skins are pretty blurry. Lighting was supposed to be moody but I think it just came out dark. I wanted the emphasis to be on the blue light coming through the center cavity in the cavern. Hope you guys enjoy, I learned a lot from Unreal and making/skinning prop models.







clearification, the statue's right arm was going to carry a staff at a different angle, the ball was going to glow blue, but like I said I ran out of time and did what I could.

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Nice meshes fetter, cant say the same of the lighting though :(

it looked very orange at one point... and I just was to fucking tired to fix the lighting :P I had some cool effects in there but I never sent them back to ferret. Then again I never worked on this map according to ferrets post :P

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