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[CS:GO] de_Transit

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As we are getting closer and closer to the playtest here are some new fresh screens. This is a set up area for T's leading to B bombsite. Best Regards !    

Work in progress by @Fnuggi & @LizardPL. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=562307272 More screenshots:

Hello everyone! We are very close to release and I would like to share with you some of the screens from A bombsite for the first time.   We might release later today when we fi

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It looks like a strong start as Squad said. In way of crit, I'm noticing a consistent thing where all your roofs kind of have the same height. Mix it up , make sure things are sometimes on different levels, and it should be more interesting. Photographic reference is helpful for that. I notice that it might help make your building trims on each individual building feel more real as well, if you're looking at photos for inspiration on those kinds of details. 

Keep going!

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Looks great, I really dig that its a night time map!

I noticed a couple of flow issues in your WIP version, which does seem really out of date so my observations may not be relevant but ill post them anyway :) maybe they can be helpful.





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4 minutes ago, Lizard said:

Hello guys! Its been awhile.
Transit is still alive and kicking. Took a 3 months break because of the DOI contest but no we are ready to post some screenshots from the B bombsite.
Keep in mind that there are few things that are not finished here like reflections. Still few things to tweak before the playtest.


  • Just entire B Bombsite


  • Mid connector (left) and T's main entry point


  • Stairs leading to CT spawn


Please leave feedback/ opinions we really appreciate :)

What a timing , i was just looking through here when you posted this hahah :)

and i gotta say , this is good looking, the lightning and the atmosphere blend really nicely though it could still be improved

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