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This map started as an idea for a map based around a lumber mill, much like this one from GTA 5 . I thought that the setting would be unique and an interesting twist on the generic warehouse map. A then created a layout based around the theme and from that de_sawmill has grown. The layout is fairly similar to original ideas and drawings with only the bombsites undergoing major changes.

Criteria I aim to meet:

  1. Balanced map with well timed choke points and rotates
  2. Fun layout that is different to other maps
  3. Large amount of opportunities for teamwork and smokes
  4. Large amount of wall bang spots

Rotation times stand at about:

  • 12 secs through CT
  • 10 secs through Mid

Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=553156940

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Your a visibilty over visuals guy? :P

Currently favouring a toned down dust effect 2. Has tiny effect on visibility but is enough to make the room look dusty and like the saw has been producing wood dust.

I am :v

I barely noticed the effect on #1, but #2 looks way to distracting in my opinion. I prefer visability at this stage, but if you found a toned down version of #2 that you liked you could try it out anyways :)

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I tried the "Dust Effect 2" and I got a massive fps drop (from 300 to 40) so I agree with Quoting, maybe toning it down a bit. Make it so that there is an equilibrium between visibility and fps. 

The map is looking good but I would stretch it out width ways and create more areas in which you can throw smokes safely. At the moment the only place is T spawn.....

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Just tried the map and at this stage I don't think it would play very well. CT's and T's meet on the bombsites and there is basically no time to set up. I also feel like the CT entrances are way weaker than the Terrorist's :(

They also peek mid at the same time, which makes it really hard for CT's to hold and T's has way stronger lines of sight into mid.

This is just speculation, but I think playing this map as a CT would be really hard. I'd like to run around with another person in order to get a grip of the exact timings though. I might have gotten something wrong.

Ohhh, one more thing!

If you have usable doors that look like this...

...don't have detail that looks the same!

It messes with my head :v 

Happy mapping! :)

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