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DE_SANTORINI by FMPONE, Hordeau, and Dimsane   A bomb defusal map set in Santorini, Greece.  "Terrorists are bent on destroying the fragile Greek economy by attacking one of it's major tourist

So the very first professional showmatch on Santorini is happening this thursday! Between two European teams, Flipside tactics and CSGO Lounge. If you're into betting, you can bet on the game on loun

This is what happens, when the master himself forgets to pack the custom content

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So now I've played a couple of times (finally got back into CS:GO again) and I really like the clean look of it. In comparison to the revamp of Nuke I find Santorini a lot cleaner, less messy and said easy to read.  Also I really like the bombsites, especially B with the grenade hole and the possible CT-boost up to the garden. It's really nice with the unique props like the Vespa for example, quite instantly me and my friends were able to communicate positions.


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Congratulations man, I'll be sure to catch the game, since Flipsid3 is also one of my favourite teams besides Na`vi and Gambit.

Do you have any info on if the teams are going to practice the map more seriously for strategies or executes, or will most of it come down to improvisation and aim duels?

I've been told blad3 and bondik play the map a fair bit, hopefully the lounge guys are ready for some stratz!

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Saw the showmatch, it was very fastpaced and both teams had a chance to win it. Overall, it makes for a good map to watch.

I'm glad that lounge won after a comeback, if they got 16-0'd my career would have gotten 16-0'd :D


Is there a record of the match? I missed it but would like to watch it :(


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