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WIP Generator_Level

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Hi! I've started working on my first Unreal Tournament level and seeing as you guys are probably way more experienced as me, I figured this would be a good place to ask some feedback.
At this point I've pretty much only got the rough blockout (Of which I'm probably gonna change a thing or 2 still), but some feedback is already more than welcome ^^

Also, I'm obviously still playing around with the light (Because I'm new at this and still figuring it out :') ) so please try to ignore the dark & overlit places. I'll try to update this asap. :3








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Whats the theme and setting? Are you using any reference, or have you made a mood board perhaps?

Hi there! The level theme revolves around a giant cylindar shaped generator that is placed in the middle of the level. (Screenshot nr. 2, although I can understand it's not very clear yet with a super rough blockout & without any texturing done.:/ Sorry) 
I am going for a simple sci-fi look, with mostly tiled panels with a simple design so as not to make it too hard on the eyes. 

I have used reference for the blockout of seperate rooms, although I must admit that I did simply paste those rooms together to make a somewhat interesting level with different levels of height. If you have any input, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for leaving a comment :)


On that note, I'm also going to post a little update. I have adjusted the level a little, mostly adding walls, removing ceilings in some places & adding ceiling in others. The level is obviously still a process of trial & error, so as usual; feedback is more than welcome :) 



I've made some quick (Yes, very quick & small) sketches of some sci-fi panels for the floor/walls at this point & normal/AO maps for the "final" one (Might also still adjust). The designs are kept simple on purpose, so as not to make it too hard on the eyes. 




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Concerning layout: Imagine the player as a lightbulb flying through the level. Where-ever the light shines the player can see, and be seen. So how do you entertain the player when he turns a corner? The player will do a risk assessment when confronted by an unknown area, so how risky is it? Are there camping spots? Verticallity? Don't answer, just some advice.

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So I had a few of my classmates play the level, and they gave me some feedback on how to make it more fun. Basically I added some more space to navigate, made some platforms larger so as not to fall off so easily & added some more weapons & health etc. 

I think I'm gonna keep it at this for the rough blockout & continue working on this.



Thanks to everyone here for helping me out so far :) It really is appreciated!


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So I've finally reached a state of completion of this level. 

First of all I adjusted the floor panels & made some ceiling normal maps for tilable panels. I tried to keep them simple so as not to make it too hard on the eyes:


Next up I made some objects to drop in the level, as well as a trim texture to give some normal values to the objects in question.



When I pasted everything together it looked something like this;


If anyone's got some more pointers for me, they would be more than appreciated. Honestly I would have liked to have worked a little more on it, but for some reason my Unreal Engine keeps crashing on me every 10 minutes, which, as you can guess, is no fun to work with at all. (Does anybody know if it happens to work smoother after an update to Windows 10?)



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